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Ocean inspired Snack board (Add your personalization)

Ocean inspired Snack board (Add your personalization)

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  • Handmade

  • Perfect gift for any occasion

  • Oak tree wood 45x28 cm

Introducing our exceptional Personalized Resin Ocean Art Serving Board, a unique piece that won't ever be recreated! It's a fantastic addition to any kitchen or dining space, perfect for cheese, chopping, or as a thoughtful personalized gift for special occasions like engagements, anniversaries, weddings, family gatherings, housewarmings, birthdays, and more.

Crafted with care from solid Oak wood, this board beautifully combines natural charm with mesmerizing ocean resin art. Sized around 45x28 cm, it offers plenty of room for all your kitchen needs.

This special serving board becomes even more extraordinary when customized with initials and dates for weddings or family names for housewarmings. It's an ideal gift for anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, and festive holidays, adding a touch of magic to life's special moments.

We take pride in using top-quality UV resistant epoxy resin, ensuring the colors stay vibrant. Each board is handcrafted with the finest wood and resin, promising quality from start to finish.

Beyond its beauty, this board is also practical. You can use it as a cutting board with the wooden side down, and for serving, the resin surface is perfect for snacks, cheese, fruit, bread, drinks, or even as an attractive centerpiece or candle tray.

Please note, due to the hand-casting process, tiny bubbles or slight imperfections may appear, making each board wonderfully unique. The natural wood grain also adds to its individual charm.

To keep your board in top shape, avoid direct sunlight to prevent color fading. Cleaning is easy with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol for the resin and soap and water for the wood. Remember, it's best to hand wash rather than using a dishwasher to maintain its integrity.


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