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Resin Sculpture with Dried Flowers

Resin Sculpture with Dried Flowers

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Behold a truly distinctive, entirely handmade decorative artwork!

Our exceptional resin and eco resin sculpture showcase delicate dried flowers captured within smoked colored resin. The mesmerizing contrast with the natural hues of eco resin results in a visually intricate and exquisite piece.

This one-time creation, measuring 15x23x1.8 cm, is complemented by a specially designed stand measuring 20x9.5x0.8 cm. Crafted for stability, the stand ensures this captivating sculpture graces your decor securely.

Embrace the organic beauty of imperfection as bubbles and a uniquely imperfect surface on the stand and the back of the piece further enhance its distinctive charm, making each work truly one-of-a-kind.

Handcrafted with care, this art piece is a testament to the artistry of nature preserved in a form that celebrates the beauty of imperfections, adding unparalleled uniqueness to your space.

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