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Serving board set

Serving board set

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resin art serving board, Cheese board , chopping board.

perfect gift for Engagement , Anniversary , Family, wedding, housewarming or birthday.

mango tree wood. Size 52x22 cm

The perfect wedding gift when the couple's initials and the date of the wedding are engraved on the board. It also makes a great housewarming gift when the family's name is engraved on the cutting board. or as an anniversary gift, engagement gift, birthday gift and Christmas gift. this Resin chopping board is a wonderful gift idea for special occasions.

It comes as a set with 4 Resin coasters which matches perfectly with the platter.
alcohol ink coasters mounted on wood 11cm diameter. Each painted in navy inks with the touches of Brass.
Each coaster is completely unique and has been topped with Heat resistant food safe Resin to protect the artwork and give a high shine.

*You can cut on this board. Place a towel on the table so as not to scratch the resin, lay the board down with the resin Side facing down, and easily cut on it.
*The resin side of the board is perfect for serving snacks, cheese, fruit, bread, drinks or even as a centerpiece or candle tray.

The Resin is casted by hand , and some of imperfections on the surface or little bubbles are normal and it makes each work special and one of a kind. Each board can have a different wooden grain.

Do Not place your board exposed to direct sunlight to prevent fading colors.
Do Not cut on Resin.
Resin can be cleaned with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth.
you can wash the board with soap and water.
DO NOT use a dishwasher.

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