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Oceanic Splendor Coaster Set

Oceanic Splendor Coaster Set

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  • Please allow Parisa 2 weeks to craft these unique coasters tailored just for your space

These handcrafted coasters are like mini masterpieces, inspired by the beauty of the ocean. They're meticulously crafted in Austria to bring an authentic touch of art to your living room, bedroom, or office—seamlessly blending into any setting.

They're not just gorgeous; they're versatile too! Perfect for weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas, these coasters make for cherished gifts, capturing special moments in artful detail.

Each set consists of 4 coasters 10 cm Diameter, meticulously made with epoxy resin and authentic stones. 

these coasters boast a depth of almost 2-2.5 cm, ensuring the pebble stones are impeccably covered, creating an even, smooth surface.

These aren't your average coasters; they shield your furniture from marks and moisture, while also being eco-friendly and reusable, unlike disposable paper ones.

Engineered with durable, heat-resistant epoxy resin, these coasters maintain their vivid colors without fading or yellowing, thanks to their UV-resistant properties.

For longevity, avoid direct sunlight exposure to preserve the vibrant colors. Cleaning is a breeze with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth.

Each coaster set is bespoke, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind piece of art for you. Want a sneak peek before we dispatch? Reach out! We'd love to share a photo of your personalized coaster set before it heads your way.

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